Shahab sang Mining Industreis Company

Shahab Sang Mining Industries (private joint stock) was founded in 1991 to exploring, extracting and processing minerals. Having bright experience in mining industries, (dimensional stones) building stones in particular, Shahab Sang Mining Industries operates as one of the major suppliers of dimensional and decorative stones in the country and having a major market shares in domestic and international consumption markets. Shahab Sang Equipped with experienced and skillful staff and also the latest knowledge and technology, the Company utilizes modern mining methods to extract better material from the ground.

At the same time, Shahab Sang Mining Industries supplies a major part of domestic and foreign markets demand by exploiting a number of great mines located in Iran’s provinces as follows:

1. Bahabad, Yazd Province: Partavousi Cream Marble,

2. Hersin, Kermanshah Province: Harsin Cream Marble,

3. Bagh Malek, Markazi Province: Atashkouh White Travertine,

4. Bagh e Bid, Nir, Yazd Province: Nir White Onyx,

5. Khor and Biabanak, Isfahan Province: Persian Cream Marble,

6. Sabzan, Kerman Province: Chromite Mine, and also

7. Tehran, Tehran Province: Broojerdi Sand and Gravel mine.

Further, attendance of Shahab Sang Mining Industries at highly rated foreign exhibitions has made Shahab Sang Mining Industries and its products well-known in foreign markets of the Persian Gulf, China, Eastern Asia, Russia and Europe which are interested in these products and brings the nature to their homes and projects.

It should be noted that the showroom and sell Office located in Tehran City too, at the same time, permanent fair of dimensional stones and decorative stones. This office is ready for you to get your orders.    


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