Chromite (Cr2O3)
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The chromite ore extracted from the Sabzan Chromite Quarry enjoys a high degree of purity (over 38%), and this makes the extracted chromite suitable to be consumed in relevant domestic and/or foreign industries. Sabzan Quarry has been planned to be exploited through open-pit and underground methods. Having been extracted, chromite bearing stones first go through preliminary preparatory operations including selective separation and purity-improving processes and then are marketed. 

product specifications

Definitive reserve 20.000 ton
Geological reserve ...................
Annual production capacity 5.000 ton
Max.monthly production capacity 450 ton

SiO2 10-12%
Cr2O3 38-40%
MgO 24-30%
Fet 5-8%
SO3 <0.05%
P2O5 <0.01%

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