Nir Lightening Onyx

Nir Lightening Onyx

Nir Lightening Onyx

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Surrounding area of the Bagh e Bid Quarry went through a set of exploratory studies of about 3.7 square kilometers. Results obtained from excavation and field observation led to the detection of an area rich in travertine and also marble stones of high quality extending beneath travertine layers throughout the area.

The Bagh e Bid Mine, at the present time, is busy producing three products: marble, traonix and travertine, all of varying quality grades. It should be also noted that the greenish cream marble rocks abundant in the Quarry are of such high quality that makes them proper to be supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

product specifications

Definitive reserve 70.000 ton
Geological reserve 150.000 ton
Annual production capacity 18.000 ton
Max.monthly production capacity 1.500 ton

Specific Weight 2.69 ton/m3
Porosity 1.01%
Water Absorbtion 0.81%
Compressive Strength (In Dry) ………………..
Softening 0.95%

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