Persian Marble

Persian Marble

Persian Marble

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The Quarry supplies pinkish cream marble stones having red sinusoidal veins as decoration; and calcite (CaCo3) is the major constituent of these marble stones.

The Khor and Biabanak Quarry is currently under simultaneous preparation and exploitation (although in a limited capacity); and the annual production of the Quarry amounts to 25,000 metric tons. Marble blocks are produced in varying proportions and of different quality ratings including export-proper, high quality, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. The dominant method employed for extraction is the wire saw mining.

product specifications

Definitive reserve 595.000 ton
Geological reserve 1.000.000 ton
Annual production capacity 60.000 ton
Max.monthly production capacity 5.000 ton

Specific Weight 2.6 ton/m3
Porosity 2.50%
Water Absorbtion 0.95%
Compressive Strength (In Dry) ………….
Softening 0.99%

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