Sabzan Chromite mine (Faryab City)


Location of the Mine

Sabzan Chromite Quarry is located near Sabzan Village, Faryab City, to the south of Kerman Province which is very rich in chromite compared to any other region in the country. Shahab Sang Mining Industries acquired and began the exploitation of this Quarry in 2004. It supplies a limited amount of chromite and is at the same time under exploratory studies. The exploitation permit of the Quarry allows a capacity of 5,000 metric tons a year to be produced.


Geological Characteristics of the Mine

Sabzan Chromite Quarry is located on the Iranian ophiolitic belt, home to ultramafic rocks which are of considerable potential to accommodate the chromite ore. The Quarry is characterized by different shapes of its chromite bodies (i.e. lens- or vein-shaped masses).


Quarry Products

The chromite ore extracted from the Sabzan Chromite Quarry enjoys a high degree of purity (over 38%), and this makes the extracted chromite suitable to be consumed in relevant domestic and/or foreign industries. Sabzan Quarry has been planned to be exploited through open-pit and underground methods. Having been extracted, chromite bearing stones first go through preliminary preparatory operations including selective separation and purity-improving processes and then are marketed.


Quarry Office

Opposite Farmandehi Entezami e Faryab, Group 2, Faryab, Kerman Province.

 Phone: +98 - 21 -22068902               
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